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Stepping stones

I wouldn’t expect every visitor of this site to actually need my services.

However, it would of course be very nice to discuss exciting assignments with you, small or big, short or long!

Don't hesitate to get in touch further, even if only to know more or maybe use my input as a stepping stone.

Moto Audio Sales & Rental Aps

We first met Tommy in the late 80’s as a salesman for Milab, and appreciated his approach. He also introduced us to Lab-Gruppen, recommended us to Yamaha and through his network we
entered the V-Dosc Network and soon after distribution for L-Acoustics in DK.
Tommy has since then introduced us to several manufacturers and individuals within pro audio, and based on the results of his work we highly recommend his services because of his inside out knowledge of this business, his professional approach, loyalty, relaxed attitude and honest integrity.
We call him ‘Kompis’, the Swedish word for friend, and for me on a personal level, it is an honour and a privilege to state, that Tommy is my friend.


Erik Bjerre
Import & Sales Manager
Moto Audio Sales ApS
Copenhagen - Denmark


Trius Audio

Years ago I met Tommy as he was responsible for the European exports for Labgruppen. Since then we have a close relationship based on fairness, honesty and straightness. Nowadays it’s good to have people like him in our small business. I do not know many other persons in the professional audio world with so many contacts, knowledge and still human nature.


Hubert Dierselhuis

Managing Director, owner

Trius Audio

Ibbenbüren - Germany




First time I met Tommy was many years ago when he worked at Milab. In 1994 we engaged Tommy to help us when Lab.gruppen was in a very expansive phase. Tommy is very well known, he knows a lot of key people, and he has a clear picture of the different positions for the companies in the industry.


When Tommy is involved in building business relations, people will know that he is doing it for the best outcome for both parties. Because of this, Tommy has access to more or less 100% of the market, and I can strongly recommend him in the work to establish new business relations.


Kenneth Andersson
Former co-founder-Labgruppen
Kungsbacka - Sweden


RMC Light & Sound

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tommy for many years. He has helped us several times with all sorts of sound reinforcement related issues. Using Tommy and his consultancy approach has always been very beneficial thanks to his friendly and professional codex. I look forward to continuing our fine relationship for many years to come.


Rabbe C. Hjelt

Managing Director, owner

RMC Light & Sound

Helsinki - Finland



Tommy and I bumped into each other as we were both heavily engaged in the Swedish pro audio market already in the early years. It was an easy decision to hire him when he had started out as a freelancer and Labgruppen needed extra human resources back in 1994. Labgruppen was in a very expansive phase and Tommy fit right into the picture, improving our network of distributors and endusers. The rest is history.


Dan Bavholm

(Former co-founder Labgruppen)

Kungsbacka - Sweden



I have had continous contacts with Tommy the past 20 years through our mutual connections with Milab, Labgruppen and Yamaha. Tommy has always been an extremely assistive person, well established and with good product knowledge  within the Pro Audio circuit. He’s also very straight forward and enthusiastic with door opening and diplomatic abilities, that has been useful for us several times.
I strongly recommend Tommy to anyone concerned.


Asle Nilsen
Head of Pro Audio

Oslo - Norway


Mats Holm

I have known Tommy for over twenty years and have always found him to be extremely loyal, hard working and honest. As a salesperson he is very much customer oriented and has shown great talents in establishing and maintaining positive customer relations".


Mats Holm (ret.),
formerly managing director of Milab Microphones, later working as a consultant in the audio industry - Sweden


Mattias Dalin

Tommy Lidén is one of those guys whom you immediately feel like you’ve known forever (which I almost have…) and the kind of personality one always wanted to be oneself, caring and supporting, always taking the time to listen. A real friendly pal as well as a person with professional attitude when it comes to business.

Tommy is living proof that you can mix a humble personality with efficient work, probably gaining even better results… He’s been a catalyst and sometimes even an “arbitrator” during periods of growing pains for the regional sound companies which in the end did smooth some important communications.


Mattias Dalin

A1 - Sound supervisor - FOH engineer

Malmoe - Sweden


Luthman Scandinavia
Luthman Scandinavia

Tommy helped out in the early days of Luthman Scandinavia as an independent sales consultant towards the installation market.
Tommy came to Luthman when the company was in a state of explosive growth, anarchy and chaos. He kept cool in this environment of crazy entrepreneurs trying out new strategies on a weekly basis. That alone, shows great inner strength and determination.


Niclas Luthman
co-founder of Luthman Scandinavia Stockholm - Sweden


Ampman Audio Services

Tommy Liden is a legend in his own right. A well known personality in the Scandinavian pro-audio market, Tommy has helped to establish some well known audio products in that market. I recommend Tommy to manufacturers who need the low-down on the intricate Scandinavian market. Tommy has "Loads of Power".

John "Amp" Adeleke
Ampman Audio Services
London - UK

- "Actually, here's the real Doyen. What a guy"! Tommy Lidén - Bob Kelly desciple.
Bob Kelly

For me Tommy Liden is the Doyen of the Audio industry. I know of no 
other person who has as many contacts or knowledge of the worldwide audio business as Tommy.
And he's a great bloke as well!

Bob Kelly

Worldwide Live Sound Brokers



Eighth Day Sound Systems, Inc

Tommy is one of the true gentlemen of the industry.  Eighth Day Sound and I have known Tommy for well over a decade, he was and has been more then just a provider of equipment, he is such a resource.
There never seems to be a problem that he does not have a solution for or a challenge that he is not willing to take on.  Myself and others here are grateful that we know Tommy Liden".


Jack Boessneck
Executive Vice President
Eighth Day Sound Systems Inc.
Cleveland - Ohio - USA


Yamaha Scandinavia

I turned to Tommy Lidén in early 1999, to get his expertise and outstanding customer base as we implemented the Yamaha Pro Audio Partner network in Scandinavia. The result was the best stepping stone we could wish for on to our current market presence.


Tomas Nylén
Manager - Commercial Audio
Yamaha Scandinavia
Gothenburg - Sweden




I was very pleased that Tommy and I crossed paths some years ago.  Nothing was ever too much for him, and I have been impressed with his warmth, loyalty and attention to detail over the years. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a potential business associate or simply as a friend.


Graham Paddon


London - UK