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Talking 'bout my generation

I strongly recommend my clients to recruit young talent.

We all need the younger generation to take over one day soon and why not learn from them as we hand the relay race baton over.

My generation actually experienced the birth of it all!


It all started with music in the early sixties
and a light blue electric guitarBlue strat


Playing the guitar is still one of my favourite occupations but my increasing interest in the technologies behind  products used in the entertainment industry, made me stop touring in the late 80's. I was offered to work in other segments of the business as an employee at United Stage Production AB in the middle of the 80's. My next job was at Folkparkernas Artistförmedling, one of the major artist agencies at the time. In 1989 I was employed as a salesman at Milab Microphones. And here I am!


Tommy Lidén Promotion AB was started in 1993 and is owned and run by Yours truly. I offer my clients support in sales, marketing, promotion, image and profile. I know that without a sharp profile, good image, marketing and promotional efforts, products cannot be expected to reach the customers fast enough. There are exceptions that sell by themselves, but most of the time, when the marketing job is done, you really have to go to work.


Communication was always the key word and to cut through the media and cyber noise, even more so today. Presence is still key too. Modern technology makes it possible to spread a message globally in a blink of an eye and this combined with a good personal relationship with the customers, makes sure the possibilities to secure a brandname presence are good.


It is a question of sharpening all available tools to get your own specific message out. Be all ears and easy to deal with, identify the needs, solve any problems and get over all obstacles, keep all promises and then deliver in time!


Some years ago, it became obvious that there's a need to make it easier for the young generation to get into our industry. Since then, I recommend all my clients to recruit young talents to be mentored and coached by "us older guys". We all need the younger generation to take over one day soon and why not learn from them, while they do!