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Recent clients

KBO Dynamics

Innovators and manufacturers of the revolutionary TubeSync Bias Engine. Now approaching the world of tube amplification.


Manufacturing signal routing and distribution equipment. Custom made, turn key solutions specialists. Now expanding export sales.


Distributing as well as manufacturing their own speaker systems.

JB Inredningar

Custom made studio furniture and racks. Now for EU export.

Strömmer Audio

Acoustics and electronics specialists.


Tommy Lidén Promotion AB

Hi! I’m Tommy Lidén. I have worked as a freelance business consultant in the pro audio and lighting industry for many years. Tommy Lidén Promotion AB was started in 1993 however, I was always involved with music and related products through a lot of different employments, prior to that. I have worked with many different tasks through the years.


Tommy Lidén Promotion AB has been a key partner in the expansion of distribution and end user networks for companies like Labgruppen, Yamaha Scandinavia, Pinanson, Milab Microphones and several others. Click the clients button above to see who else I have worked with.


I am currently looking to establish new collaborations in this new, changing era of the Musical Instrument, Pro Audio and Lighting Industry.


I love how the digital revolution and social media has speeded up communication in general as well as b2b but, don't you think some old school "making friends" skills in real life, would be neat to have!? Thanks for the visit, hope you enjoyed.